In times of economic uncertainty it is often the caring services that seem to be cut back. But local company Bridges Home Care is keeping abreast of the challenging budgets and their continual changes to provide growing services that are proving very popular with the community.

Bridges is based in Henley-on-Thames and serves the people of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. The business is a hands-on people based service which provides the care for the elderly and vulnerable that often busy families can’t.

Domiciliary care services in the community are growing for many different reasons. People are living longer, more women work outside the home and the professional care provided at Bridges is convenient to put in place, and it is well managed, flexible and reliable.

A bespoke care plan is designed and implemented for each client by Bridges so that the client, the family and the home carer knows exactly what is individually required. However, the plan is flexible and can be adjusted as different needs arise.

The personal care services include support for bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, meal times, convalescence, domestic chores, shopping and escort services to hospital appointments or libraries.

Bonny Harrison and Wendy James share 35 years of domiciliary care management between them and are well placed to ensure that Bridges Home Care runs smoothly and provides the practical care that their patients need. They are interested in talking to anyone at the moment who could help to grow their team and continue to supply their style of home based care in the community in such a rewarding and valuable way.

Bridges really does ‘bridge the gap’ not just for the client who needs the care but also to relieve the burden of care on family and friends. One family member said ”I know that Mum very much appreciated all their help during her final months and looked forward to their visits; this also took a great weight off my mind as to her welfare during the day while I was at work. It was nice to know that someone reliable would be checking in on her."