In the natural world it seems that the stronger animals sometimes attack the weak or injured to remove them from their pack. Children who stand out from the ‘norm’, or who are considered different in some way can also be ‘picked on’ or bullied in the play ground, or even in families. There are also tragic news stories of those who steal or abuse the physically or emotionally weak in our society.

To be a carer, a different approach to the weak is foundational. This approach sees beyond any weakness or disability to the person behind the limitations of body, mind or age. A carer recognises the worth and humanity of each person in need and treats them with unconditional respect and dignity.

This challenge goes beyond the natural response of the ‘herd‘ instinct or even our cultural prejudice, and enables us to nurture the weak, creating well being and security for them and enabling their independence and dignity.

The weak in society today can be also be very lonely. In the UK, 51% of those aged over 75 live alone and 2/5ths of the elderly admit to loneliness, the television being their main companion. Those who care for the frail and weak at home, know that sometimes they are the only real company seen on a regular basis.

The role of carer is a very important one in our society. Those who are vulnerable need not only the practical and medical support that a care worker brings, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual reassurance and companionship. When others amongst their family network are unable to lend the regular support needed, a care worker is vital to ‘bridge the gap’ and provide the specialist help required.Bridges Home Care have a strong reputation for ‘bridging that gap’ so that the weak and vulnerable and their families have the reliable support they need. It is provided with a special ingredient of dignity and respect so that the individual gains confidence, a sense of well being is restored as is their ability to retain their own independence at home.

One of their grateful clients says “I would like to say a big thank you for all the kindness, support and understanding your team gave to mother and myself. She couldn’t speak too highly of you all.” It’s testimonials like this that help the Bridges team realise the vital importance of their work.

Supporting others and giving confidence to enjoy the fullest life possible is a reward in itself. If you feel you would like to know more about this vital career, please contact Bridges today. We are happy to talk about how you could enjoy the strong team work and fulfilling role.