As we grow up we need many different life skills. In our lifetime, some skills like walking, talking and eating never change. But others, like using a TV or website change frequently as technology evolves. Most us can adapt to change and take it in our stride, but the elderly or disabled or those living with a dementia, find change a difficult challenge.

650,000 people in the UK live with a dementia. The condition affects most families in some way and its increase is causing national concern. Dementia is debilitating and often reduces a person’s skills and confidence, and affects their memory.

It has been discovered that restoring home or work life skills is an effective way of improving well being. Bridges Home Care has introduced this new way of caring for those with a dementia. We get alongside them, and motivate them to use familiar skills such as repairing a car, filing documents or peeling potatoes. These skills help to relieve frustration and restore an individual’s dignity. For all those with disabilities, joining in an activity brings joy and helps restore independence as they re-learn their life skills.

Carers bring empathy and the reassurance needed to help their clients live life to the full. Bridges carers have differing skills and experience, such as driving, meal preparation or organising medication. Others listen, speak clearly and anticipate the help needed. Bridges Home Care team are also technically trained to use hoists, wheelchairs or other special equipment.

Your life skills can help others. Contact Wendy or Bonny to find out more.