Whether it is taking an exam, a driving test or applying for a job, achieving something new is a tough challenge. A new job is a particularly challenge because it embraces most aspects of life. The journey to and from a place of employment has to be explored, different routes or modes of transport assessed, and time and costs weighed up. Then there is the environment. Will you be working on your own, under close supervision or within a team? Will you have suitable qualifications or will you be learning new skills?

Becoming a carer embraces all these things and more. Not only does a home care worker need to turn up on time, at the right place and with the right skills, they also need to grow in understanding of someone who will closely depend on them. Although this is a responsibility, the carers at Bridges Home Care admit it is the close relationships they build with their clients, that reap such unexpected rewards; a huge sense of fulfilment alongside personal development of character and confidence. As well, of course, they facilitate a person with a disability or weakness to becoming independent in their own home, restoring their dignity, sense of purpose and well being.

Paul Ray, one of the experienced carers at Bridges, now himself a co-ordinator says “I have been surprised by the amazing things I have learnt. I don’t just mean the practical skills that Bridges have trained me in, I mean the hidden benefits... of learning to get alongside people in a way that brings them new life, sets them free and gives them more confidence. It’s been fantastic the truly interesting people I have met – from prima ballerinas and aircraft pilots to corporate business men. All want to tell you their stories, which are fascinating. You become more than a carer – you become part of their life.”

A new member of The Bridges Care Team is thrilled to have passed her training with flying colours to start a new career in Care.

Bridges Home Care have their own staff training centre where new carers are trained in practical skills, such as how to give personal hygiene or medication, technical skills such as how to use hoists and lifting equipment and administrative skills such as filling in the care sheets and client notes correctly. All of these aspects contribute to the significant role a home carer plays in the life of a client. Bridges is renowned for the quality of its care team, and demand is growing for its services, all over the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Caring is an important part of living, not only for those on the receiving end, but also for those who are giving the care. Why not give yourself a push, take up the challenge and discover the best that you can be, as a carer.