Meeting Needs

Our objective is to support carers to enable independence in the home as long as possible. Life can be unpredictable, so we meet with you to adjust your care services as situations and needs change.

Care for life

Our Care Managers discuss your needs regularly and build a Care Plan to provide the right personal support and the colleagues with the health care skills to match. This is a foundational document which is used to brief your personal support worker. Whatever the level of home care needed, we ensure that you have choice and control and ultimately satisfaction.

"I know that Mum very much appreciated all their help during her final months and looked forward to their visits; this also took a great weight off my mind as to her welfare during the day while I was at work. It was nice to know that someone reliable would be checking in on her."

Bridges Disability Care

Records of each home visit are made by the support worker. Bridges Home Care thoroughly train every colleague, so that clients receive professional home care of the highest calibre and meet the specialist needs of our clients, such as those living at home with:

  • physical or sensory disability
  • learning disabilities
  • children with special needs and their families
  • a dementia
  • personal or family carers
  • end of life needs or palliative care. 

You can be confident in the knowledge that Bridges will meet the need.

Carers can enjoy some free time, knowing that Bridges will provide just the home support they need.

Bridges Help in The Home