Is your happiness meter half full or half empty? Are you optimistic or is gloom and doom the order of the day? Perhaps a a bit of both, expressing both pleasure and discontent.

‘Happy’ means “feeling pleasure or satisfaction.“ Mick Jagger, despite wealth and fame sang “I can’t get no satisfaction”. Happiness, too, is difficult to find.

One way is to give to others and to receive their gratitude. Bridges trains carers to provide specialist home care to clients who cannot do everything for themselves. We do what it says on the tin, “bridging the gap enabling independence at home.”

Our recent survey reveals clients are happy with Bridges: “We are very happy and confident with the service… They are always cheerful and friendly…doing a difficult job with the best possible attitudes…We appreciate all that you do…intelligent care and have a happy attitude.”

We are all living longer so more folk need care in their own home, so Bridges needs to recruit more care team members. Bonny Harrison and Wendy James have 35 years of domiciliary care management and provide the Bridges team with expert guidance, management and training.

Come and have a chat today – give others a really Happy New Year and find contentment yourself.

Phone Bonny or Wendy on 01491 578758